Your wedding is definitely one of the highlights of your existence. It is where you will finally become one with the love of your life. After the Pamamanhikan, I went to a bookstore and bought 2 bridal magazines and started looking for that perfect white gown for that one perfect day. I even surf the internet and look for designs and designers. Overwhelmed? Yes! It took me months to decide who will do my gown. Choosing who it will be is as hard as Biochemistry (atleast for me…). Shirley Lustado’s Traje de Boda made my bridal gown and I must say until now I am still IN LOVE with it and will always be!

And so here are some of my pointers to all soon to be brides who are having a hard time in choosing what design and who will make their wedding gown.

  • BUDGET. Set a budget for your gown. It will be easier for you to choose what and who will it be.
  • READ. As they say, it pays to read. Bride must read thru bridal magazines and surf the internet to choose the design.
  • BRIDAL FAIRS. It is a must to attend bridal fairs to check on the designer’s rates and packages. And it will save you time to check on their actual gowns.
  • REFERRALS. Seek for referrals from your friends, colleagues and family.
  • BODY TYPE. Know your body type. Choose a design that will compliment your body, if it’s a yay or nay.
  • REVIEW. Review the designer’s proposal.
  • THEME / VENUE. When choosing for a gown, consider your wedding theme and venue. It is not flattering if you’ll choose a ball gown for a beach wedding, right?
  • LIST. Make a list of your top 5 designers.
  • APPOINTMENT. Set an appointment with them to discuss and seek their professional opinion with your chosen design.
  • THE GROOM. I know it’s your gown but don’t you think it will be easier if you’ll ask him about the design and the designer’s proposal? Besides, he’s also paying for it right? Remember, communication is a must for marriages to last.
  • BOOK IT. Once you have decided and happy with your choice, book it already.
  • ENJOY. As I’ve said, need I say more?
the details

the details

with Shirley Lustado

with Shirley Lustado

the back

the back

he's loving it

he’s loving it



You understand how important beauty and makeup in your wedding and looking fabulous and “WOW-ing” your guests and your husband is the top priority of every bride. When I got engaged looking for the best Makeup Artist is one of my concerns because I want to be the most beautiful bride (even just for a day…). With so many makeup artists that offers good deals and are really good, I had a hard time finding the right one. Would you believe that I only booked my HMUA (Hair and Makeup Artist) 2 weeks before my wedding? And I am so thankful that I did the right choice…  Thanks to my Mom…

So here are my few pointers in choosing who will do their magical touch on your special day…

  • BRIDAL FAIRS. Attending Bridal Fairs will give you a vast of choices and good deals.
  • REFFERALS. Get referrals from your friends, colleagues and families. I’m sure they have few HMUA in mind.
  • REVIEW. Review their proposals, sample of works, websites and their client’s review.
  • LIST. List down your top choices so it will be easy for you to decide.
  • BUDGET. Setting your budget is important so you can work out who will it be.
  • MAKEUP TRIAL. This is important when booking your HMUA. It is important that you set ascheduled makeup trial to have a glimpse on what it looks like when they do their magic touch on you. Make sure to take a photo after the makeup trial and show it to your mom, sister and your maid of honor for their comments.
  • BOOK IT. Once your makeup trial is done and you are happy with the results, book him or her.
  • ENJOY. Need I say more?
with Bambi Fuentes (Celebrity Makeup Artist)

with Bambi Fuentes (Celebrity Makeup Artist)

MGSSHS Batch ’97!

“High school life, oh my high school life
ev’ry memory kay ganda
high school days, oh my high school days
are exciting kay saya”

Indeed what Sharon Cuneta is telling us is true! You cannot compare the happiness one has during their highschool years. Highschool is where crushes is built. Learning to woo someone is another. Falling inlove the first time and getting your heart broken is among your first!

During holidays, it is common that reunions is just around the corner. And I am happy to share my highschool reunion!

tarptarp 2

Mother Goose Special Science Highschool is where it all started. I never imagined that looking back those innocent years will give me mixed emotions. It is when I remembered bad and good times! Looking at the old pictures brings back the memories we had.

30 1 2 5 13

Seeing myself very skinny and innocent burst out that big laughter. And it is when I remembered that we used to dance and have fun in the sun!

67 6 9 10 11 45 n_a 140

And so when i got a call from my highschool classmate who plans to have a reunion, I said yes! This will be exciting! Even if I get to hang with some of them, this is different!


And December 28 came. Even if we had a small time to prepare, the party was full of fun and laughter! Joie de vivre! And take note, some of our classmates abroad contributed for the party. So, Thank you very much! Celebrating our 16th year of friendship was a blast! Food, desserts and drinks are overflowing! We may have gained weights and gray hairs is becoming a “delighful” sight….. we manage to party like a ROCKSTAR!

R6 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5

We may not be complete during this event but I know we manage to always keep in touch NO MATTER WHAT! And let me take again this opportunity to THANK YOU for EVERYTHING! Looking forward for our 20th year Batch ’97! Let’s always keep our Batch ALIVE!!!!! CHEERS!!!!!

Here’s what i prepare for all of us! (Pardon me if some pictures were not properly cropped it was done the last minute… sorry…)

My Bestfriend on my Birthday!

Before the year 2013 ends, I got a chance to travel abroad with my mom and spend my birthday at the shopping capital in Asia…. Hongkong!

SAM_2400 SAM_2394

Yes! Shopping galore indeed but with a budget! Travelling with a budget is never easy but it is fun knowing that you know you can’t exceed. So we stayed at a 3 star hotel with a buffet breakfast. Silka Seaview Hotel is worth it. SAM_2444 SAM_2422 SAM_2406 SAM_2407 SAM_2409 SAM_2414 SAM_2418

The room was enough for us. What’s important is that they have hot and cold showers, comfortable bed, hair dryer and of course free WIFI. Breakfast was okay. Their restaurant is at the top floor building where you can see highrise condos / buildings and the bustling busy streets of Yau Ma Tei.

SAM_2441 CYMERA_20131113_070328 CYMERA_20131114_084222 SAM_2430 SAM_2432 SAM_2433 SAM_2434 SAM_2435 SAM_2437 SAM_2438 SAM_2439

During our 2nd day, we had a half day city tour…. Avenue of the Stars, Jewelry factory, souvenir shops, Fisherman’s village….

SAM_2509 SAM_2462 SAM_2463 SAM_2466 SAM_2472 SAM_2478 SAM_2479 SAM_2483 SAM_2504

After we took our lunch, we had to travel by ferry to visit Macau! I always love the city! The buildings and the lights! Weather was so cold and I super love it! The price of not having winter in the Philippines! 😉

CYMERA_20131113_194525 CYMERA_20131113_171025 CYMERA_20131113_185918 CYMERA_20131113_190036 CYMERA_20131113_190318 SAM_2522 SAM_2532 SAM_2546 SAM_2548 SAM_2549 SAM_2550 SAM_2554 SAM_2559 SAM_2563 SAM_2569

We went to Fisherman’s Wharf, Macau Tower, souvenir shop, St. Paul Ruins and of course our last destination the Venetian!

On the 3rd day! Free day! We took our travelling shoes at Canton Road. So what we do there is to shop… window shop… roam around… shop… window shop… and shop…

CYMERA_20131114_171443 CYMERA_20131114_171504 CYMERA_20131114_140016 CYMERA_20131114_140032 CYMERA_20131114_140059 CYMERA_20131114_140256

To my surprise as we enter our room, sweet fruits with a thoughtful message was waiting for me given by the hotel management! I was so touched to received a gift from them.


Staying in Hongkong for 4 days with my mom is a bit “bitin” (not enough) but I will forever treasure our bonding moments. Meeting a lot of pinoy tourists was also a great opportunity for business and becoming friends with. Looking forward for another trip with my bestfriend!

SAM_2558 SAM_2447 SAM_2498 SAM_2516 SAM_2553 CYMERA_20131113_182129

Sweet Pleasures

Ever wonder what could be the sweetest yet budget friendly souvenirs to your guests? As we welcome my niece to the Christian World, I thought of a fun, sweet and a budget friendly tokens for our guests. And since my niece is the sweetest I thought of giving candies to our guests.

And so I was so excited thinking of the designs and what candies to prepare for my sweet and pretty niece.  I couldn’t imagine to do everything, from invitations to souvenirs… It’s a wonderful feeling that I put my imagination and creativity in this event. I am just so happy that it turned out perfectly.

Simple candies were served. Guests were so eager to put everything in their gooddie bags. Kids loved the gummies! Young at hearts loved the wafers and cookies!

So when you are thinking what to give on your special day try this! Sweet Pleasures for your parties! Because Life is Sweet!

sweet 3sweet 7sweet 2960037_10152114616563408_1959903653_n1489057_10152137781368408_1512904928_n1487331_10152137830183408_550364954_nsweetsweet 4sweet 6 IMG_6911IMG_6909_2



A Writer’s Story

It has been weeks that i haven’t posted something here. Reason? I was looking for an inspiration. Luckily I have one right now and it keeps on coming! Yehey!

Now let me share with you what inspires me….

Feeling all excited and nervous, I dressed up, put on some make-ups, did my hair and put on my sleek-not-so-strappy-sandals and headed at C3 Events Place in Greenhills.  It was the 10th year Anniversary of Bride’s Bestfriend and unveiling the 7th Edition of Wedding Flavours Magazine and WFM’s new logo!

wfm 8

wfm bbf


It was a celebration of laughter, hardwork and commitment. Bride’s Bestfriend Coordinator throws a Bollywood themed cocktail party to give thanks and acknowledge all their family, friends, sponsors, advertisers, staffs and supporters.

CYMERA_20131127_190805 CYMERA_20131127_184335 CYMERA_20131127_184501 CYMERA_20131127_184542 CYMERA_20131127_190740

But hey… this celebration is not just about good food, nice music and pretty outfits but it is a good way to mingle and catch up with good friends.

wfm 10 wfm 5 wfm 7 wfm 9 wfm 3 wfm 4 


Now let me give my share of thanking this wonderful person…..

THANK YOU Ms. Antonette Mangona-de Leon, owner of Bride’s Bestfriend Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief of Wedding Flavours Magazine, for being a good friend since my sister’s wedding. You are not just somebody to do all the legwork and be the event coordinator to everyone else but you become a good listener to all of us. Remember the conversation we had months before my wedding? I will never forget your advice. And now, working for your magazine is a privilege and opened an opportunity for me to finally find my passion. I am forever indebted to what you have shared with me.  I may not be the finest writer but I know with you at my back I know I can be one. Thank you for trusting me since the first launch of Wedding Flavours Magazine. And look at where we are now? 3 Fabulous years and still counting! Truly you are every Bride’s Bestfriend!!!!

wfm 6 wfm 2

Confession # 1

I have a confession to make… i am a frustrated chef by no choice…  hahaha…. I have times to be so lazy and tend to be perky and would cook the whole day. Fascinated by the hit tv series Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef and any tv shows with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. I love it when he is rude to the contestants and cursing sometimes made y adrenalin rush.

And so, there was one day when I feel like cooking this dish I love! Crispy Spinach with Tartar sauce. My husband being skeptic that I couldn’t do it, he was pleased when I finally did it! And so I want to share with you some of my passion aside from make-ups…. Hope you like what i have for you…..


Home-made Tartar Sauce


* 1 cup mayonnaise

* 1/2 cup pickle relish

* 2 tablespoon lemon / calamansi juice

* onions (diced)

* pepper to taste



1. Put the mayonnaise in a bowl.

2. Mix in the pickle relish and onions.

3. Pour the lemon juice.

4. Mix. and add pepper to taste.

5. Chilled.



Crispy Spinach


* 500 g Spinach

* 1 egg

* 2 cups flour



1. Separate spinach leaves from its stem. Wash.

2. Break the egg and beat it on a bowl.

3. Dip the spinach leaves on the egg.

4. Then dip it on the flour.

5. Deep fry the spinach.

6. Serve it on a serving plate.


Happy Eating!